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 Why use our services?

After training, seeking a good agent to represent your talent is the next step to becoming viable in the film and television industry. Our aim at SYC is to make that process easier for both agents and actors. Contacting and dropping off your cover letter, resume, photos, and demos can be costly in both time and money. With the busy schedules of most agencies, an actor’s promotional material can often sit on a desk for weeks and even months. With our streamlined service, your portfolio is sent directly to the computer desktop of every registered agent.

In addition to agents, we also invite all the casting directors to look at your portfolio. If you book an acting gig while you are being hosted on ShopYourChops, this information will be flagged with a star on your portfolio. Agents like working actors!

The actor/agent relationship is one of prime importance in the structuring and guidance of your career. It is advised that you carry out due diligence in researching any agency that you might want to consider. The province of B.C. has regulations governing talent agents and you can go to this link to find out more: BC MINISTRY OF LABOUR.

 How does it all work?

SYC will compile your headshots, resume and video demo, as well as audio demo if you have one, into a comprehensive portfolio. Agents, managers and casting directors are all invited to view the portfolio site and browse for potential clients. Agents will be notified when there is a new entry on the portfolio page. Your portfolio stays active on the site for two months. Why for only two months? We don't want the actor to be lost in a sea of portfolios. By limiting the hosting time, the site remains fresh and interesting to agents and casting directors. Actors not picked up can resubmit with a new portfolio at a future date.

Interested agents contact you directly by e-mail.

 Is a video demo required as part of my portfolio?:

Yes, to be on the actor page of ShopYourChops you need to have a video demo. Agents have all requested that they see a sample of your work on camera. This can be from actual footage, or scenes from class. If you need assistance to create a demo, we at SYC can help you do that. ShopYourChops is a concept designed to celebrate the interconnectedness between the actor, the coaches/schools, and the talent agencies.

 Is there an age restriction?

Yes. No one under the age of eight is eligible to use the SYC site. All actors between the age of eight and eighteen must have parental/guardian consent to appear on the  website.

 What talent agencies will view my portfolio?

M.A. Management
Connie Hardie Management
Echelon Talent Management Inc.
Excel Talent
Sterling Artist Management
Hobbs Talent Management
Studio 1 Talent Management
JR Talent Management

 Am I guaranteed to get an agent?

No. There is no guarantee that an agent will contact you in the two months that you are hosted on the site. Your talent must speak for itself. What we do guarantee is that your portfolio will be professionally and expeditiously put together and hosted on the ShopYourChops website. The terms of this agreement will be laid out in a contract to be signed between SYC and the registering actor.

 What will my page look like and how long can my demo be?

Click here to see a sample page

Your portfolio page will be comprised of photos, (up to three), resume and demo. We suggest the video demo should be no longer than three minutes. However, ShopYourChops allows up to six minutes of video.

 What is the procedure and the cost?

Package 1: Actors with a video demo

  • Upload your demo to Astral Video
  • Upload your headshots and resume by logging into your account or send via e-mail to
COST: $80 tax incl.
Please contact us before making a Paypal payment. After we process payment you will receive login and file upload information. Note that there will be an additional charge if the actor's existing reel needs further editing. All popular file types accepted i.e. mov, mp4, avi, mpg, mod, mts, vob ...

Package 2: Actors without a video demo

The package outlined below is offered through Impact Studio. If an actor wishes to have another school or coach create their demo for them, they can by all means do so. Please keep in mind that the finished demo should, ideally, be under four minutes. However, ShopYourChops allows up to 6 minutes of video.

  • Book an initial one hour consultation with Impact Studio. Drawing upon her huge library of audition material, Iris will help you choose two or three contrasting scenes.
  • Book a two hour taping session to film the scenes.
  • Upload your headshots and resume by logging into your account or send via e-mail to doug@astralvideo.
COST: $220 tax incl.
Please contact us before making a Paypal payment.
*Note there will be an additional charge if the actor wishes further taping or coaching over and above the time offered in this package.

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 How do you make payment?

All fees quoted above include applicable taxes, and the full amount must be paid at the time the SYC contract is signed. Payment is by cash or certified cheque. Credit cards accepted through PayPal only.


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