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The next step for many actors who train with me at Impact Studio is to find an agent who will promote their talent, and guide their careers. To that end I asked Doug Fee at Astral Video to team up with me and create an on line hosting site for new talent. Our idea, to connect actors with agents on a user - friendly hosted website, has been incredibly well received and endorsed by Vancouver agents, casting directors, acting schools, and actors alike.  So here we are!

I have been a professional actor in television, stage, film and voice for close to four decades. At the age of 26 I began to teach acting professionally at the Boston Theatre School in Boston, Mass., and I have been involved with helping actors develop their craft ever since. I have been a guest artist at both Dalhousie University Theatre Department and at the UBC Film Department.  During the past 15 years of residing in Vancouver, I have taught at many of our fair cities esteemed acting schools, and I have had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of new and established actors.

In 2004 I opened Impact Studio where I:

  • Audition coach actors of all levels and all ages
  • Tape actors' auditions & stream them for “away” projects
  • Host smaller casting sessions with casting directors

For many many years I dreamed of having an actor friendly studio that would be beautifully equipped with a great camera and fantastic lighting. That dream is now a reality. My motivation has always been one of helpfulness and mentorship and, although I continue to pursue my own acting career, I do try to make sure that I never loose sight of my responsibility to give others a leg up. One of my professors at university said, “Iris, you were born to teach.” My first director said to me, “Iris, you were born to act.” I guess I am destined to do both.

For a demo of my acting work I invite you to visit my website:

Here are a few comments from clients and colleagues:


A well structured demo reel is an actor’s number one tool in selling their skills to casting directors and to agents. We are proud to say that Astral Video has managed show reels for some of Vancouver's brightest stars since it’s inception in 1996. Whether you're an actor, stunt professional, director, or, choreographer, we create a reel of your work that best showcases your talent. Our objective is to help leave a positive and lasting impression on those who are in the position to hire you.

We pride ourselves on giving personal one-on-one service. It's the reason why we are well referred by clients and agents. In addition to demo reel editing we provide:

  • BD/DVD duplications & replication
  • Self-Tape audition hosting
  • DVD authoring

Teaming up with Impact Studio created a synergy that has generated numerous ways to serve the film industry here in Vancouver. We both realized the need to produce high quality online auditions for the many projects being cast across North America. Major film centers like New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto all have recognized the value of seeing Vancouver talent. Actors get coaching and taping from Iris at Impact Studio. Then we at Astral Video edit the scenes and create a comprehensive portfolio of the finished audition. This along with the actor’s photos and headshots are uploaded onto a host site for casting directors and agents to easily view. There is a popular perception in the acting community that actors never get cast from tape, but our track record has clearly proven that actors are, in fact, getting booked by this process.

ShopYourChops is yet another extension of our commitment to making the gears of the industry work smoothly. We like to have a win/win in all our business ventures and it is our hope that everyone will be relieved and grateful to have this new service.

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